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Natural Nutritional Based Mood & Anxiety Support.

An exciting new formula for anxiety and depressive mood that gives real results without unpleasant side effects.

MOOD SOS helps sufferers deal with the stress of modern day living. Most people suffer from stress and anxiety at some point in their lives, and studies suggest depression effects around1/3 people! Our world is stressful! Its's busy demanding and fast paced. Stress can can put your adrenal system out of balance. Finding that balance can be a challenge. 

The effects of stress, toxins and a less than ideal diet are all factors that contribute to a mind and body that does not function optimally. Mental health is like physical health. When you are in balance your body performs well and your mental health is good. You feel good. When your body falls out of balance you don't feel so great. 

MOOD SOS is a comprehensive formula that supports by balancing and supporting body systems from different angles but with the common goal of promoting optimum mental health.  It helps the body find equilibrium so you can feel less anxious, less worried, less moody and more content, peaceful and happy naturally. 

What makes Mood SOS different?

MOOD SOS is a herbal formula with key vitamin and mineral ingredients. Unlike other herbal products which are often just one or sometimes two herbs, Mood SOS includes several active ingredients that work together towards the same goal, to help rebalance your system naturally.  Mood SOS has a very high level of active ingredients. Herbs include St Johns Wort, Saffron and Ashwaghanda. 

Mood SOS can be taken with food in the morning and/or evening. Dose rate - adults 1-2 tablets a day depending on symptoms. Youths - 1 tablet daily. Not recommended for children. Do not take at the same time as prescription anti- depressants or anxiety medication.

Mood SOS is not a drug, and being a natural product, cannot claim to cure any illness. Please see your medical practitioner if symptoms persist. 

Mood SOS is available in 1 and 3 month supply. View Mood SOS at Elite Health NZ here