We regularly get wonderful Before & After photos and stories from our customers and we do apologize if yours is not here, we simply cannot post them all. Many thanks to those who send in their stories. We love to receive them!

Here is a small selection of our customers experiences. Most of these have been posted on FB so a browse of our posts over the last few years will have many customer stories and photos!

 BEFORE & AFTER Using Compete and Gastro Go over 1 month (Yearling TB)

BEFORE - Over 3 months using Compete and Gastro Go








“Compete and Gastro Go has helped my boy who has come off the hills hugely I think. Photos show the difference of one month. He has been fed hay and feed. The rain scald is getting there and his gut has let down a fair bit from day one.” Laura Bunning


"I am very happy with how my mare has responded to Elite Equine. We started on Every Day Elite and added Gastro Go two weeks later. I've started using some of your other products too like Chill me and Submit.
Had a really great lesson and she tried her heart out the first time using the Submit sample you sent me, I have since purchased this as was so impressed."
First pic was before starting and the second after approximately a month.