"I had been watching comments on FB about this product and its positive outcome on Mud Fever. I admit I was sceptical, however, the proof is in the pudding! I've been suing it for a couple of weeks and 'wow' what a difference! No more Mud Fever!! It has worked wonders on my boy! Thank you for such a great product!" Helen Travers
"I am thoroughly impressed with Elite Equine competition formula COMPETE. It helps stabilise temperament, horses work better through their bodies, and their coat and condition is better. Everything is better!"  Peter Storr -National Trainer - Great Britain. British Dressage Team Member
"Mega Build helps horses to develop faster and make them much stronger than training alone. I highly recommend it!  - Lisa White Grand Prix Rider and trainer of 4* eventing stars.
"I would just like to let you know how impressed I am with your product - Formula 2 Compete. I have had my young horse on this for just over a month now and I could not be happier! His skin conditions have gone (pinto with sensitive pink skin), his topline is improving, as is his condition. He is a lot more settled - which in turn makes him far more pleasant to ride - going from reactive and 'hot' to being more trainable and willing. All this in just over a month.. And the only thing that has changed in his diet/routine is the addition of Compete.. Have to say that, to me, it is $85 odd a month well spent! I must have been living under a rock, but I wish I'd tried it earlier!" Jordan Stephenson
"I'm using it now ... and its working!" Kim Knight - Compete and Mud Fever
"It is the BEST product! Honestly I have tried everything ...this works ...happy horse!!"  Erin Coates
"Finally my horse is utilizing the feed that I am putting into him. I could see weight gain starting in just a couple of weeks..for the first time in 3 years I can no longer see his ribs! He also had some skin problems that have also cleared up. Compete is a great product! Definitely worth the money, and the reduction in hard feed needed is reducing my feed costs drastically. Nicola Grove
" I love this product. It has helped my horses Mud Fever clear up very quickly. Better than mucking around with creams and stuff that sometimes makes it worse!" Gail Gerard
"I am using Compete and its working brilliantly for Mud Fever! I am actually really surprised. I have tried so many things and nothing seems to work. His Mud Fever has hung around for years and finally I think I have found something that works. I am not using any other Mud Fever product either." Kim Fisher
"Don't doubt it, just buy it! It works brilliantly for Mud Fever!" Stacey Cox
"Brilliant product, it cleared up my horses Mud Fever within weeks and it has not come back. Definitely highly recommend Compete!" Emma Hamilton
"Hi again, I am so impressed with this new product I can't tell you how easy it has made the transition to competing my youngster. Second dressage competition on the weekend at a much bigger venue with way more going on and she took it all in her stride, not even a single moment of "this could get ugly" even when a horse in the next arena packed a paddy right in front of her, big ask for a youngster and she more than rose to the occasion, winning one test and third in the other. I will be adding Chill Me to my tool box no question for me it definitely creates a happy and calm horse without them being dopey or dead to your leg. Thanks again for sending me the sample I will be telling all and sundry to give it a go!" Tanya McKenzie
"Best product out!" - Compete -  Savanna Donovan
"Mega Build helps horses to develop physically at a rate which is greater than training alone, which can help them find an increased acceptance in their work. Horses need to function in their comfort zone, but as international riders and trainers, we are aiming for an achievement zone. In using this supplement I believe we are helping our horses to remain willing athletes as we move them up through the levels"  Lisa White - Grand Prix Trainer - UK
"I had a moody mare who tended to stress and get wound up over the smallest things. I had tried lots of different feeds, some even making her hotter until I tried compete and graze. she is now calmer, easier to handle and can get wound up but calms down a lot faster than before. she was a bit fat and untoned before, but this has really helped with her topline as well. Nicola Bachelor
"For a rather long period of time I have been trailing several different and highly recommended conditioning supplements in order to find a supplement that would support and aid the muscle and top- line development of my horse Monza. Being a big framed horse of 17.2hh it has always been a challenge to make him gain condition and to develop the required muscle condition to perform as a top dressage horse. That was until I was recommended ELITE EQUINE MEGA BUILD , it is a truly amazing conditioning supplement with undeniable results and an understated name. I am also feeding ORGANIC PLUS. With the support of ELITE EQUINE MEGA Monza was able to develop a very strong top line which enables him to excel in his collected work and to shine a dressage horse. I highly recommend a supplementation of the ELITE EQUINE MEGA BUILD and ORGANIC PLUS for anyone trying to improve the horses condition and performance." Louis Schindler Blenheim
"My girl has been on MEGA BUILD for almost a month now and WOW is all i can say she is looking amazing and i have cut her feed in half. This is great stuff!" Rachel Collings
"I just thought I would write to let you know how fabulous I am finding the Elite Equines Formula 3 â?? Organic Plus. I was already hooked on Formula 2 Compete after it turned my very ribby underdone Tb into a stunning shiney round show horse, but I needed something to get through the winter when the horses are not in work, I also have a mare in foal who is recovering from injury and had lost a lot of weight and been very sick. My other older dry mare had swollen hocks due to the flush in grass and I had noticed some mud fever looming. Within a month of starting them all on Organic Plus minerals, they are looking great, no mud fever, no erratic behaviour, no swollen hocks, and the sick mare is starting to look a lot more healthy, and in better condition to continue to grow a healthy baby. They only need feeding once a day and Im adding the Organic Plus minerals to beet, chaff and extruded barley â?? no expensive premixed feed â?? just good basic nutrition and its very cost effective. Helena Bennett
"I would like to share with you my experience with my TB gelding. I got him in August 2011, he had been out of work for 8 months. I wanted to start him on a formula to help build everything he had lost, I posted on the Show Circuit FB page and everyone suggested Elite Equine. I put him on the compete formula and he was being fed 2x per day. In just three months he had changed into a completly different horse! In attitude and apperance! I believe your product made a real difference to him and I continue to use it. Karla Hunter
"Looooooving Every Day Elite! Using it on the whole team! Hunter looks fab on it. He is in his first season hunting. We started late, 4th hunt was yesterday. when the photo was taken, and he is now jumping full wire and super sensible. The whole team are so reliable on your products and that's what I love the most. I pull the same type of horse out of the paddock every day. Spring we need Graze :-)" Suzy Lou
"Thanks for your advice once again. My youngster is a different horse after just 10 days of Gastro Go. He went out today and was completely calm and relaxed and took everything is his stride. Before Gastro Go his anxiety was through the roof. I am also so pleased at the rapid weight gain without having to shovel bucket loads of feed into him. I will definitely be sticking with your products, and I really appreciate your thoughtful advice." Maree Lynch