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Grazing Formula


Graze is a blend of 93% Mycofix Plus, 3 digestive enzymes and 3% calcium.

Graze helps maintain a calm consistent temperament in the grass kept horse, especially during seasonal challenges.


Mycofix Plus is the premium registered toxin binder made by the company Biomin. It is highly palatable and broad in action which is ideal for mycotoxins found in pasture.


Digestive enzymes are important for sugar metabolism and help maintain a stable hind gut pH. 


GRAZE & ULTRA MAG are the perfect partners in controlling grass sensitivity in horses. They contain 100% active ingredients. By feeding these two products separately you can increase the Graze during spring or times of challenge and find the dose that suits your horse the best. 


GRAZE has a binding action and Ultra Mag is highly absorbable organic magnesium proteinate.


GRAZE on its own is the perfect compliment to Compete, Compete SF or Organic Plus as these products already contain full organic magnesium proteinate supplements.


Graze - 2kg and 5kg bags  Please note that Graze comes in white bags with a generic black and white label.


"Hi and thank you so much for the free sample of Graze and Ultra Mag. Tried it and my horse who gets a bit wired this... time of the year was so chilled out it was great. Have now purchased a bag and have been enjoying our rides up the forestry with none of the usual dramas. Should be called Graze Plus Amaze!"  Gail Geard