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Our Super Supplement Compete is the go to when your horse is struggling with Mud Fever or Cellulitis! 

 Compete supports the horses system to eliminate Mud Fever, Rain Scald, Cellulitis and other skin issues themselves.
This product is the same Compete that is also on the Foundation Minerals page. Please navigate to this page for ingredients.

If you wish to use Compete on your horse with Mud Fever or Cellulitis, please note that you highly likely to be able to remove other supplements from your horses diet, and you will see many other benefits from feeding Compete.

Typically Mud Fever disappears in the first month of feeding Compete. This is incredible effect is due simply to the superior nutrition that quickly boosts health and immune response.
Compete also supports horses recover from Cellulitis effectively.

Feed a 1.5 x daily dose (3 scoops daily) as soon as leg starts swelling. Cellulitis tends to respond faster, typically within days. if there is no response please call your vet.    

Please refer to the Compete page in the Foundation Mineral collection for more info or fee free to contact us to help.