Relatively common ailments that can be very stubborn and frustrating to resolve. This topic has been prompted by a lovely dressage horse I met recently, here in Germany, who is struggling with this re-occuring issue.

Cellulitis is definitely the easier out of the two to deal with, and vasculitis predominantly has an immune trigger and is somewhat more complicated but we have had quite a bit of success giving horses high doses of Compete so they can resolve it themselves. Immune boost in Compete coupled with the hind gut support and exclusively organic bioavailable minerals are a winning combination. Cellulitis is generally a bacterial infection like Mud Fever and responds well also but is a different condition.

Mineral deficiency can cause all sorts of weaknesses in body structures and systems and leave horses open to all sorts of problems. We know that zinc and copper are associated with skin integrity and immune function. What a lot of people don’t know if that every mineral has a relationship with another one. Too much of one prevents absorption of another, too little is the same. Copper is friends with cobalt and zinc and copper and cobalt are needed to absorb iron from the environment. Calcium is friends with magnesium and too much of either prevents the absorption of the other. It goes on and on. It is literally impossible to be deficient in one mineral without being deficient in others. Adding just one mineral to a diet usually causes more problems than it solves.

It never fails to amaze me how effectively horses can resolve their health so well with the right support.

This lovely boy came home from hospital with his leg as pictured (day 1) – believe it or not it was a lot worse!  He is in less pain and improving on day two of Compete. His owner will take regular photos and will share them once resolved. Its amazing how this wonderful product never disappoints!

Remember we are here to help with advice on any issues you might have and as long as you are patient as time zones slow things down a bit, we will get back to you as soon as possible.   

Victoria Wall

Director Elite Equine Nutrition