Our complete calming system allows you to tailor make a calming solution specifically for your horses needs! 

We have 2 calming products that work differently, but also very well together. You can also double dose on occasion when you need a dramatic effect or mix and match products to deal with different behaviour issues, or different challenges! 

Possible combinations are -

1 dose Chill Me

1 dose Submit

1 dose Chill Me OR Submit plus your usual magnesium

2 doses Chill Me

2 doses Submit

1 dose Chill Me and 1 dose Submit (feeding staggered to synchronise effect).

Per dose these two products are incredible value compared with oral syringe one dose calmers. Chill Me costs just $2.30 a dose and Submit $4.95 depending on pack size. 

Chill Me is appropriate for anxiety, lack of confidence, unwanted exuberance, stressful situations, travelling and shows etc

Submit also significantly helps in these situations but it has more of an effect on a gregarious, pushy temperament and softens the horses mind and body, in effect making them more submissive and less dominant. It also decreases anxiety but in a slightly different way. 

Dose Submit 9 hrs before the effect is needed, so in the evening feed for effect first thing in the morning. A feed later at night for morning effects and an early morning feed for afternoon or later effect. You can just feed it daily in the evening feed as well for a more consistent effect.

Dose Chill Me 4 hrs before needed, so in a late feed for early morning effect and in the morning feed for an effect from mid day on. 

Our calmers offer a consistent and reliable effect. Both calmers can be doses daily if needed. Do not double the dose on more than a couple of consecutive days. 

Horses suffering from gastric discomfort or mycotoxosis (grass effected) do not usually respond well to calming products. If you are not experiencing the result you are hoping for please contact us to look at how we can improve this result for you

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